Watch these two films celebrating urban art (and the colorful figures who create it) – and then see a brand-new public art project crafted in real time!

In Alice Street, two Oakland artists form an unlikely partnership to tackle their most ambitious project to date, a four-story mural in the heart of downtown Oakland. As the mural takes shape on the wall, Oakland’s unique cultural legacies come to life – even as gentrification threatens their existence.

Prophets, Teachers and Kings offers an inside look at the dark and sometimes violent world of one of Los Angeles’s oldest graffiti crews, and their 35-year rise from juvenile delinquency to urban art infamy.

SPECIAL NOTE: In 2020, several artists featured in these films created the dynamic mural that now graces the front of the St. George Art Museum. This year, the team will again share their talents with the City of St. George!

Alice Street
2020, US
Run time: 01:07
Director: Spencer I Wilkinson
Producer: Endangered Ideas Media

Prophets, Teachers and Kings
2020, US
Run time: 01:06
Director: Devin A. Rice
Producer: John Carswell, Abigail Carswell