2014 Season Screeners

Thank you for your interest in becoming a DOCUTAH screener.

The screening teams were formed at the end of January, following the Screener Orientation session at DSU, and the 40 screening teams of 279 volunteer screeners have been busy viewing films for 2 months now. At this point, we are no longer accepting applications for screeners for the 2014 screening season.

There will be other volunteer opportunities during the DOCUTAH Festival, the first week of September. Take a look at the Volunteer page and you can see what kind of opportunities are available.

We will announce the date for the Screener Orientation workshop in January, 2015 if you’re still interested.

What is a screener?

Screeners are volunteers who review all the films submitted and provide feedback on the quality and content of each film.

What will I do as a screener?

The process begins with the Screener Orientation Meeting held on January 29 at 7pm in the Dunford Auditorium on the Dixie College campus.

Screeners assign themselves to teams of at least four persons per team with one person assigned as Team leader.

Each team leader visits the campus either weekly or bi-weekly and picks up a packet of films with a total running time of approximately two hours. The team watches this packet together in one of the member’s home and completes a review form for each film.

The package is returned and another package picked up.

This process is repeated until all the films have been watched at least three times by various teams. Depending on the number of films submitted and dates they are received, the screening process will run February 10 through end of May.

Volunteer Screeners

Do you have

  • A curiosity to learn and share your experience with others?
  • An open mind to review each film irrespective of its subject matter?

And can you

  • Watch each film entirely, even though you may find it offensive or poorly made?

If you answered yes to the above questions then being a DOCUTAH screener is the right task for you!

The review process judges each film on its technical and artistic qualities. We do not expect you all to be an expert in any of these fields but it would be beneficial if some team members have experience in one or more fields of production. Training will be available for those screeners requesting assistance in these areas.

Are you already a DocUtah Screener?

Existing Screeners