As a prominent public speaking coach and former political fundraiser, Amy Ayoub always encouraged her clients to be authentic and to share their personal stories—painfully aware that she wasn’t ready, yet, to tell her own. Then, in 2012, she learned about Nevada Assembly Bill 67, a bill designed to fight sex trafficking.

The Zen Speaker: Breaking the Silence charts Amy’s transformational journey from a tumultuous childhood in Las Vegas to her emotionally wrenching testimony before the Nevada State Legislature in 2013. A personal portrait, the film explores the emotional and physical devastation associated with sex trafficking; being a survivor; public vs private personas; and finding one’s voice in unexpected ways.

The Tuesday screening is followed by a panel discussion featuring Robin Greenspun, Amy Ayoub and Kristy Pike, Director, Washington County Children’s Justice Center.

Red Cliffs 1 Tue 7:30pm
Red Cliffs 1 Thu 11:10am

USA, 2019
Run time 1:39
Director: Robin Greenspun
Producers: Robin Greenspun, Chris DeFranco