Mayara grew up in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil and Latin America. She was a teenager surrounded by millions of people, technology, and everything the modern world could offer but she still felt empty. In search of someone who could answer her questions, she went back to the roots of Brazil, to indigenous quilombolas and rural communities. On this journey, she met women who showed her how the wisdom of the past can heal the future. They are traditional midwives, healers, and community leaders. They are keepers of an ancient knowledge that we can’t afford to lose. She calls them Women of Earth. (N, Child Birth)

Monday 11/1 6:40 p.m. Pineview 7
Wednesday 11/3 12:30 p.m. Pineview 10

USA, 2019
Run time 1:11
Director: Isadora Carneiro, Katia Lund, Mayara Boaretto
Producer: Jon Wilcox, Kirk Bowman