Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia of all time – by looking at the inner life of Wikipedia, the documentary deals with issues of perspective, representation and Western-centrism. In 2001, Jimmy Wales created the first entry on Wikipedia: “Hello world”. Today Wikipedia contains more than 50 million articles. English Wikipedia alone has more than 300 million clicks per day.

Wikipedia begins with a promise: knowledge production, which for millennia was in the hands of elites, is to be radically democratized. Anyone can contribute, regardless of education level or background. Is the online project a utopia come true? Twenty years after its founding, has THE WIKIPEDIA PROMISE been kept?

Monday 11/1 8:30 p.m. Pineview 9
Thursday 11/4 1:10 p.m. Pineview 7

2021, Germany
Run time: :52
Director: Lorenza Castella, Jascha Hannover
Producer: André Schäfer

Jascha Hannover
[email protected]