Director: Andre Singer

Origin: United Kingdom

Duration: 01:14:08

Synopsis: ​Where The Wind Blew tells the story of how the Cold War super powers, in their race to develop more deadly bombs, spent forty years developing weapons capable of wiping out entire nations, while sacrificing their own vulnerable populations in the name of national security. In part it is the story of Kazakhstan’s place in the Cold War struggle for nuclear supremacy, and the power of the human spirit as victims and participants from that struggle find their own ways to survive. Although Soviet operations were wreathed in secrecy, it is becoming clear that the Kazakh villagers who faced the daily reality of living in nuclear fall out zones continue to be victims of a war that was not their own. Using archive footage and testimony, this harrowing story is told through the eyes of the victims, activists and participants affected by the legacy of nuclear bomb testing from Kazakhstan to St George, Utah.