This animated documentary is the story of the Velvet Underground’s disastrous first public performance. While on stage for merely 20 minutes, The Velvet Underground performed three songs: ‘There She Goes’, ‘Venus in Furs’, and ‘Heroin’. The Summit High School audience responded with, as a band member recalled in 1983, a “murmur of surprise that greeted the appearance” that “increased to a roar of disbelief as the band started to play” which “swelled to a mighty howl of outrage and bewilderment…” Half the audience walked out.

Red Cliffs 4 Wed 10:30am
Red Cliffs 4 Fri 12:10pm

USA, 2017
Run time 00:08
Director: Robert Pietri, Tony Jannelli
Producer: Marina Donahue, Tony Jannelli, Robert Pietri, Lee Terwilliger, Tara Pietri