Fashion Designer and Mogul Elie Tahari, has been living the American Dream for more than 50 years. He came to New York in 1971 with less than $100 in his pocket, slept on benches in Central Park, and went on to build a billion-dollar fashion empire. Elie Tahari is the definition of courage, determination, kindness, and…chutzpah! His parents fled Iran and moved to Israel, where he lived in a refugee camp Ma’Abarot’. He then moved to New York without speaking English and has contributed to the New York fashion life for more than 40 years with his iconic and visionary signatures such as the Tube Top, the Woman Suit and more. (N)

Tuesday 11/2 6:20 p.m. Pineview 9
Thursday 11/4 1:30 p.m. Pineview 9

2021, US
Run time: 1:05
Director: David Serero
Producer: David Serero

David Serero
[email protected]