Resolute (Canada) 22 minutes


It was a forced relocation to assert sovereignty that led the Canadian government to commit one of the most grievous human rights violations in Canadian History. Zipporah was a girl when her family was among the eighty Inuit to be sent to the high arctic, but she remembers vividly the anger when her father realized he had been duped. An epidemic of alcoholism swept through the town as the men and women drowned their shame at the military’s tavern. This family drama documents the story of Zipporah and her two daughters, Doreen and Celina who grew up in a community of darkness. Through a harmonization of haunting interviews, archival footage and experimental animation, Resolute tells a story familiar to thousands of indigenous families in Canada and beyond. (Sexual Issues)  9/4 6:40 p.m. – Eccles Black Box Theatre;  9/5 8:15 p.m. – Sears Gallery;  9/6 7:30 p.m. – Kanab Crescent Moon Theatre