Set against the backdrop of the physician shortage and opioid epidemic in rural America, “The Providers” follows three healthcare providers in northern New Mexico. They work at El Centro, a group of safety-net clinics that offer care to all who walk through the doors, regardless of their ability to pay. Amidst personal struggles that reflect those of their patients, the journeys of the providers unfold as they work to reach rural Americans who would otherwise be left out of the healthcare system. With intimate access, the documentary shows the transformative power of providers’ relationships with marginalized patients.

2018 / United States
Runtime: 01:25:00

Director: Anna Moot-Levin, Laura Green
Producer: Anna Moot-Levin, Laura Green

Screening 1: Electric Theater, Wednesday at 3:00 PM

Screening 2: Red Cliffs 3, Friday at 7:00 PM