My Father’s Highway (USA) 60 minutes

Audience Favorite Screening: Saturday, 9/6 1:00 p.m. – Main Stage Theatre

This films tells the story about the route from Los Angeles northward – U.S. Interstate 15 which crosses a section of rugged, high mountain Mojave Desert  in the extreme northwest portion of Arizona. It then continues north to the Arizona/Utah border past St. George, Utah. This portion of I15 was completed in 1973 at the cost of more than $61 million or $100 an inch. To this day it represents the most expensive and spectacular engineering feat in the history of the United States Interstate Highway System. The road winds through the Virgin River Gorge, at times only 150 wide with 2000 ft. cliffs towering on either side, revealing breathtaking scenic beauty and taking the traveler through a 500 million year geological era. This films tells the epic story of how this road was built and the people who overcame every challenge , even death, to make sure it happened.  9/4 4:30p.m. – Sears Gallery; 9/6 5:00 p.m. – Kanab Crescent Moon Theatre

My Father’s Highway will screen the following week at the DOCUTAH Best of Fest in Mesquite. Scheduled times as follows:

Tuesday September 9 – 7:00pm
Wednesday September 10 – 9:00pm
Thursday September 11 – 9:00pm
Friday September 12 – 5:00pm
Time listed is Nevada time.