12-year-old Collier stepped onto the witness stand in 1990 during the most explosive murder trial in the history of his Ohio hometown. Most in the area still remember the boy’s dramatic testimony that resulted in the conviction of his father, a prominent doctor, for the murder of Collier’s mother Noreen. Twenty-six years later, Collier returns as a grown man seeking to heal lingering trauma associated with the crime and confront his imprisoned father, who continues to withhold his admission of guilt in the events that changed so many lives.

2017 / United States
Runtime: 01:28:00

Director: Barbara Kopple
Producers: Barbara Kopple, David Cassidy, Ray Nowosielski

Screening 1: Red Cliffs 4, Wednesday at 7:10 PM

Screening 2: Red Cliffs 3, Friday at 12:20 PM