The voyage across the central Mediterranean Sea is counted among the world’s most deadly routes for refugees. Here, in a place where humans drown every day in their attempts to flee, the lifeboat Minden and its crew of volunteer rescuers set an example against indifference. The film takes the viewer along for the 8th mission of the ship. It shows the rescues fraught with risk and unmasks the inhuman situation at Europe’s gates. In the Mediterranean, not only those seeking help are pushed to their limits, but also those who set out to save them.

2017 / Germany
Runtime 00:36:56

Director: Maik Lüdemann
Producer: Gorden Isler
Cinematographer/s: Maik Lüdemann

Screening 1: Electric Theater, Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Screening 2: Eccles Main Stage, Thursday at 7:00 PM