Religious courts in the Middle East had historically banned women from adjusdicting domestic and family matters – in both Shari’s courts of Islam and the Rabbinic courts of Judaism – until Kholoud Al-Faqih date to challenge that history. With the support of a progressive Sheik, Kholoud becomes the first woman judge with her appointment to a Palestinian Shari’s court in the Wet Bank, bringing a subtle new perspective garnered from her early professional life working with battered women as an attorney in both the criminal and Shari’a courts. With unparalleled access and a critical cinematic eye, The Judge follows Kholoud in and outside the courtroom as she asserts her right to equality and redefines how Shari’s law perceives, treats and respects women./strong>

Director: Erika Cohn
Runtime: 01:22:00

Screening 1: Red Cliffs 4, Wednesday at 12:20 PM

Screening 2: Red Cliffs 2, Friday at 5:10 PM