The story of a Baltic German refugee who became the father of light to Lapland.
Filmmaker Antti Haase takes us on a personal journey learning about his father’s legacy. Baltic German refugee Gunnar Haase arrived in Finnish Lapland in 1945 to repair the destruction left by his compatriots after World War II. Antti’s father Hannu continued grandfather Gunnar’s mission to bring electricity to Lapland with the power lines finally reaching the very last Lapland home on July 23, 1987. Rural electrification was an enormous undertaking that brought modern life and equality to people still living in the harsh nature. And while the undertaking took a heavy toll, it also illuminated the way forward. This is an inspiring story about courage and social progress.

2017 / Finland
Runtime: 01:08:00

Director: Antti Haase
Producer: Jouko Aaltonen
Associate Producer:
Editor: Mikko Sippola
Cinematographer/s: Mikko Leinonen

Screening 1: Red Cliffs 2, Tuesday at 3:10 PM

Screening 2: Red Cliffs 1, Thursday at 5:20 PM