An exploration of the controversy behind the “Rigs to Reefs” program, which allows decommissioned oil platforms to stay in the marine environment to act as artificial reefs. Following the diverse marine life surrounding California’s oil rigs, HIDDEN LIFE offers an insight into the controversial political battle of whether or not the rigs truly benefit the Pacific coast and what our energy consumption costs the planet.

2017 / USA
Runtime: 00:18:26

Director: Kaitlyn Satter, Hannah Mattner
Producer: Briana Brinzo
Editor: Kaitlyn Satter, Hannah Mattner, Aaron Kohn, Ethan Stupp
Cinematographer/s: Aaron Kohn, Ethan Stupp

Screening 1: Red Cliffs 4, Wednesday at 10:30 AM

Screening 2: Red Cliffs 2, Friday at 3:20 PM