“From Baghdad to The Bay” is a raw and deeply personal look at one man’s harrowing journey to be true to himself amidst extreme adversity. The film follows the epic journey of Ghazwan Alsharif, an Iraqi refugee and former translator for the U.S. military. Wrongfully accused of being a double agent, tortured by the U.S. military and ostracized from family and country, Ghazwan struggles to rebuild his life in the San Francisco Bay Area while coming out as an openly gay activist.

2018 / United States
Runtime: 01:08:00

Director: Erin Palmquist
Co-producers: Neva Tassan, Jennifer Huang
Executive Producer: Frances Reid
Consulting Producer: Jack Walsh
Editor: Eli Olson
Co-editor: Andrew Gersh
Assistant Editor: Scott Schwerdtfeger

Screening 1: Electric Theater, Thursday at 7:00 PM

Screening 2: Electric Theater, Friday at 3:00 PM