Ska, punk, funk, metal, reggae, and soul fusion master, Angelo Moore of Fishbone devotes his life to weaving a legacy; crafting art through spoken word, music, and fashion. As a black American forerunner in the early 80’s LA punk rock scene, he inspired others to embrace nonconformity. Living the life “of the famous but not rich,” Angelo pours ideas into everything he touches and makes beauty out of darkness. A smiling, expressive, and deeply introspective soul, Angelo contemplates how his efforts have materialized in this society and comes to terms with certain truths. (A, P)
The Thursday, November 4 screening of this film will include a ticketed event and a performance by Angelo Moore and his band, The Brand New Step.

Thursday 11/4 6:00 p.m. Eccles Main Stage
Friday 11/5 2:30 p.m. Pineview 6

2020, US
Run time: 1:11
Director: Tisa Zito
Producer: Tisa Zito

Tisa Zito
[email protected]