Eight years ago director Daan Jongbloed stumbled upon an abandoned farm, which was surprisingly inhabited by Peer, a 97-year-old farmer. The peacefulness and sobriety in which Peer lives fascinated Daan tremendously. His view of Peer’s rural lifestyle is rather idyllic, but to Peer this is reality. Why does he live the way he does? Who is Peer and what’s troubling him? In an attempt to understand Peer and his perception of life Daan followed him on and off for the past eight years. Peer cautiously reveals a glimpse of his lonely life and disturbing past.

2017 / Netherlands
Runtime: 00:39:55

Director: Dan Jongbloed
Producer: Frank van Osch

Screening 1: Electric Theater, Wednesday at 10:00 AM

Screening 2: Red Cliffs 3, Friday at 3:30 PM