Dreams of the Black Echo is a co-production with Duy Tan University in Vietnam and DSU film students, faculty and staff. It is the story of the Vietnam war, told to the younger generation through the rexperience of veterans from both sides of the conflict and the battle of Khe Sanh. It is a true co-production where film students at Duy Tan University produced half the film from the perspective of their veterans and DSU film students produced half the film at Dixie state using U.S. veterans as the story tellers.

Dreams of the Black Echo is not a sweeping 14-year saga but rather the story told through one event – the battle of Khe Sanh which took place January to July 1968. Everyone in film gives eyewitness testimony of what they saw and experienced in that battle. Although there was plenty of propaganda pumped out on both sides, these veterans were completely oblivious to the propaganda because they were living the reality of war on the ground. It comes down to a basic shared experience told from both sides of the front lines.

2018/ USA

Runtime: 01:20:00

Executive Producers: David Hansen (USA), Le Nguyen Bao (Vietnam)

Producer/Directors: Phil Tuckett (Dixie State University), Tran Anh Tien (Duy Tan University)

Screening 1: Electric Theater, Monday at 7:00 PM

Screening 2: Red Cliffs 1, Friday at 6:40 PM