Double Take: The Art of Elizabeth King illuminates the aesthetic and engineering questions sculptor Elizabeth King puzzles over with an acute sensitivity to both life, and the life-like. She has created her own genre at the intersection of the classical and automata. An accomplished artist with an eye for the intimate meaning of gesture, King obsessively manipulates her materials to produce pieces that both approximate and challenge the viewer. Newly retired from 40 years of teaching, King is now more than ever able to focus on her work, and examine her motives and making. In studio visits, conversations with peers and art world figures the viewer is invited to consider what looking and seeing one another means in our increasingly visual world.

2017 / USA
Runtime: 01:00:09

Director/Producer: Olympia Stone


Screening 1: Red Cliffs 1, Tuesday at 10:00 AM

Screening 2: Electric Theater, Thursday at 3:00 PM