Three women at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease offer their brains and bodies to a medical study. After the deaths of their mothers, these daughters are determined to contribute to find a cure. With nuance and tenderness, the film interweaves the scientific study with the personal ups and downs of these women’s lives. Barb’s family cares for their dying mother in a rural corner of Wisconsin. Sigrid, a retiree in a college town, adopts a lifestyle she thinks can stave off the disease. In Milwaukee, Karen struggles to raise her teenage son after her own mother’s passing. She joins the Community Advisory Board, a watchdog group that works to protect Black lives in the study. The intimate access to all their stories reminds viewers that Alzheimer’s is a disease battled on many fronts: in a lab, in a home, in a marriage, in a community, and in one’s hopes and fears about the future. (P)

USA, 2020
Run time 1:14
Director: Melissa Godoy
Producer: Therese Barry-Tanner, Eileen Littig