Director: Jesse James Miller

Origin: Canada

Duration: 01:48:00

Synopsis: “Evel broke bones, Robbie broke records.” Ever since he was 8 years old all Robbie Knievel wanted was to be like his father. For over 5 decades Robbie Knievel quietly became the most decorated jumper of all time, jumping over 350 times, breaking over 20 world records and pushing the limits farther than anyone ever had done. By the late 1990’s Robbie was also smashing television ratings live on Fox. You’d think a father would be proud, but there’s only one Knievel. The life of Robbie Knievel, 52 and the owner of 20 world records and 350 jumps worldwide, is profiled through his pursuit of sobriety and his attempt to escape the shadow of his father’s legacy.