In 1997, the artist Tom Judd curated an exhibit in the window of TZ­ Art gallery in New York City, titled The Chalkboard Chronicles. The show was a rotating month-long exhibit, with the centerpiece being three large chalkboards in the gallery’s street-facing window. Each week, three artists were invited to do their art in this public setting using a minimum of materials; the chalkboards and chalk. Spalding Gray was one of the participants, and the film provides interviews with the late writer and monologist, as well as showcasing an original, never-before-seen monologue created on his chalkboard. All the artists were interviewed and filmed while they were working, and the completed works were documented before being erased. Present-day interviews take you into the studios of some of the artists that participated, bringing the project full circle after almost 20 years. It creates a compelling inquiry into the notion of impermanence and memory.

2018 / USA
Runtime: 00:39:20

Director: Jeffrey Wolfe, Tom Judd
Producer: Jeffrey Wolfe, Tom Judd

Screening 1: Electric Theater, Tuesday at 12:00 PM

Screening 2: Eccles Main Stage, Friday at 7:00 PM