Call Us Ishmael is an intimate look at the world’s obsession with Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick; the “Great America Novel.” In this film historians, artists, philosophers, and fanatics explore the novel’s artistic and cultural legacy and the impact it has had throughout America’s history. Filmmaker David Shaerf, takes us on a journey to meet these enthusiasts as they reveal their personal fascination with Captain Ahab and the most famous whale of all time. The film will shows us how the novel has affected not only their lives, but also created a community of people who have been brought together by the power of Melville’s masterwork, Moby-Dick.

2017 / United States
Runtime: 01:18:00

Director: David Shaerf
Producer: Jamie Buckner

Screening 1: Red Cliffs, Wednesday at 10:10 AM

Screening 2: Electric Theater, Friday at 12:00 PM