Explore racism in America through the lives of four white families in Utah who adopt African American children and overcome their own inherent biases to become advocates. Award-winning filmmaker Loki Mulholland reveals the challenges faced by the parents, children and our society while exposing the darker side of those adoption agencies who profit from it. Is there a way to fix our country’s racial divide? These transracial adoptive families just might provide the answer.

Red Cliffs 2 Wed 8:20pm
Red Cliffs 3 Fri 12:00pm

USA, 2018
Run time 1:15
Director: Loki Mulholland
Producer: Loki Mulholland, Tyson Maughan, Curtis Linton
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp4rh84-H7g&t=4s