The toxic impacts of bias make headlines everyday: sexual harassment, racial profiling, the pay gap… As humans we are biased, yet few of us are willing to admit it. We confidently make snap judgements but are shockingly unaware of the impact our assumptions have on those around us. This documentary follows filmmaker Robin Hauser on a journey to uncover her hidden biases and explore how unconscious bias affects relationships, workplaces, our justice system, and technology. Bias contemplates the most pressing question: can we de-bias our brains?

2018 / United States
Runtime: 01:28:00

Director: Robin Hauser
Producer: Robin Hauser, Christie Herring
Editor: Christie Herring
Cinematographer/s: John Behrens

Screening 1: Electric Theater, Wednesday at 5:00 PM

Screening 2: Red Cliffs 3, Thursday at 3:30 PM