Tuesday, March 2, Noon, 1:20 p.m. PV6 Screen these visually dramatic films and then meet the artists who created the stunning mural to enhance the St. George Art Museum

Alice Street/Prophets Teachers and Kings screenings 
Is public art essential in a community? Is it worthy of support and protection? And just what constitutes art, anyway? These two films explore the unique talents of urban artists, giving audiences rarely seen insights into their creative challenges and triumphs. Bonus: Watch one-of-a-kind urban art created at the festival!

In partnership with the City of St. George, Art Around the Corner Foundation and DOCUTAH, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the St. George Art Museum. Inspired by Docutah’s  screenings of “Alice Street” and “Prophets, Teachers & Kings”, which profile urban artists in Oakland and Los Angeles, California, and the impact of their work on their own lives and their communities.
In November, urban artists from Oakland and LA sketched out a large mural design to cover the entire front wall of the Art Museum and then painted a stunning scene of beauty, hope and renewal. for residents and visitors to enjoy for many years to come. Watch the video on the background of the mural and see it as it was created.  Click Here.

Citizens are encouraged to come to the Festival and stroll by the Art Museum to  the final painting.  It’s an exciting time.