Entertain, enlighten and envision the world through documentary film

The mission of the DOCUTAH International Film Festival is to inspire a global human connection through documentary films.

DOCUTAH International Film Festival is presented by Dixie State University in St. George, Utah. The festival runs each year in September and has consistently garnered submissions from all over the world. The 2015 festival is the sixth year of run. Phil Tuckett, DOCUTAH Artistic Director and Director of the DSU Film Program, planted the seed of DOCUTAH in 2009 and a small group of film enthusiasts created the inaugural event in September of 2010. Since then more than 1500 films have been submitted from 70 plus countries.

Attendees to the Festival have the opportunity to meet filmmakers and interact with them in seminars, panels and social events. Because of the magnificent scenic location of the Festival amidst the beautiful red rock country of Southern Utah, festival attendees can also have easy access to nearby six state and national parks as well as the night life of nearby Las Vegas. DOCUTAH welcomes the world and at the same time captures the community of Southern Utah and Southern Nevada.

Because DOCUTAH is presented in a University setting it affords students and the surrounding community a unique experience which is enlightening and educational as they learn more about the art of filmmaking through filmmaker panels and seminars and gain insight into the subject matter of the 50 films chosen each year.

About the Raven Award

Legend and mythology state that Norsemen believed ravens sat on the god Odin’s shoulders and saw and heard all. Intelligent, playful, curious, observant and creative, ravens are also highly opportunistic and have learned to adapt to and take advantage of whatever their environment offers. DOCUTAH chose “The Raven Award” because these same traits are also exhibited by many documentarians as they create their films. Documentary film makers try to provide ‘the whole picture’ of the subject of their film. Because Ravens are found throughout the world, they represent the international scope of DOCUTAH.

Location –Come for the films, stay for the scenery. The Southern Utah location invites Festival attendees to witness the awe inspiring magnificent red rocks of southern Utah. The proximity to six state and national parks makes DOCUTAH a unique place to present a film festival.

Events and Films – DOCUTAH isn’t just a film festival…it’s a five day PARTY and every complementary event is one not to be missed. Documentary films engage minds and have the potential to both entertain and educate . Categories such as music, environment and art speak EVENT and Festival planners therefore create more than just a film festival. They create an experience encompassing the film makers, Festival attendees and DSU students.