A Dance Form Invented in Brooklyn, NY is Saving Young People from Gangs and Crime

September 9. 2015 — St. George, UT — Lords of BSV,” screening at DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival on September 9 and 10, depicts a dance art form which has helped young men and women from one of the toughest neighborhoods in New York City’s  Bedford Stuyvesant, escape the street life and spend their energy in this amazing freeform and mutation style of dance.

“I had never seen anything like it.  It is a revolutionary thing to see a completely new dance form,” said Cathey Che from the New York Times.

BSV are the revivalists of Brukup Dance that was started by George “Brukup” Adams in the 1990s. The revivalists of Brukup set the foundation for other types of Brooklyn dance such as Flexing, but by far, Brukup dancers remain to be the original artists and the ones who are truly the masters of their art form.

“It’s like a ritual.  Everything you do means something said one of the dancers known as ‘Mommy.”

Promotion for the film, directed by Maria Soccor,states, “In Bed Stuy, Brooklyn – a natural “pressure cooker” for emerging talent, George Adams creates a new dance form called, Brukup, that a group of young men and women follow like a religion. This dance form revived by BSV members Blackie and Poba, has evolved as dancers use the foundation of the Brukup movement to enhance their free form and mutation style of dance. Desperately trying to escape the street life, Bruk Up is the one thing that keeps them all together. They are a family. They are: The Lords of BSV.”

“On the surface to many, these talented young people could easily look like gang members or criminals,” said Phil Tuckett, Executive Director and Founder of DOCUTAH. “They have, however, found a way not only to raise themselves up, but also to help others at risk in the neighborhood escape the mean streets.  It is an inspirational story of courage, creativity and commitment to a goal.”

DOCUTAH presents two screenings of Lords of BSV on 9/9 – 4:00pm – Black Box, Eccles Center and 9/10 – 7:45pm – Dunford Auditorium, both at Dixie State University, with Q&A with the Director after the screenings.  A seminar with Ms. Soccor will also be presented on 9/9 at Noon on the main stage at the Eccles Center.


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