College Credit and Scholarships Available to Students

August 31, 2015 — St. George, UT — Dixie State University (DSU) and the DOCUTAH™ International Documentary Film Festival today announced the final schedule for the Filmmaker Seminars and Chats during the Film Festival. The Seminars offer an invaluable opportunity for film buffs and students alike to interact with filmmakers in an intimate setting and learn from master filmmakers. Students may also register for the course, The Human Communication Dimensions of Documentary Film, and earn one credit for attending seminars and film screenings.

“These seminars offer wonderful venues to participate in free interactive forums with these accomplished artists, who are currently working in the field,” said Kristin DeNure Hunt, PhD, who will facilitate the seminars.  “Attendees will have unprecedented access not only to filmmakers but also the subjects of many documentaries. They will be able to ask questions and discuss their personal experiences either in filmmaking or subject matter.”

During the seminar program, attendees will learn what drives a filmmaker to choose a particular subject, why the people they profile are willing to expose their lives in such an intimate way and what it takes to create a compelling documentary. The subjects of the seminar series cover as broad a range of emotions  and topics as the DOCUTAH festival itself – from serious to hilarious, from touching to inspiring.


DOCUTAH’s mission is to inspire a global connection through independent documentary films and intellectual discussions. DOCUTAH strives to enhance the education of independent filmmakers, aspiring film students, citizens of the world and the Community. DOCUTAH is one of the few university-sponsored film festivals in the United States. It is an International pure documentary film festival. As part of Dixie State University’s academic component, DOCUTAH also offers master class seminars and filmmaker panels where student, amateur and professional filmmakers can discuss and advance their skills in the art of filmmaking.