Documentary by Young Austrian Filmmaker, Reveals the Human Toll of the Refugee Crisis from a Different Perspective

September 4, 2015 — St. George, UT — Dixie State University and the DOCUTAH™ International Documentary Film Festival screens “Europe Endless”. As more and more refugees desperately try to reach the shores of mainland Europe every day, Europe Endless reveals the current situation on Malta, the tiny island nation situated right in the path between Africa and Europe.

“It was two days in the sea from Libya to here in a small boat, like an air boat with 55 or 45 people. Some people die but we don’t die and I am happy we come here,” says one refugee in an almost matter of fact way.

The narration declares, “They all have different problems; they all have different stories. They are all from somewhere different and they arrive on mostly old fishing boats or rubber dingys with 80 to 100 people packed in very tightly. Sometimes they are just happy to be somewhere that they are not being shot at or in danger or trouble. But on the whole they don’t know of Malta’s existence but they soon find out,”

“Even watching the haunting trailer for Europe Endless with its mournful music and simple but heart-wrenching sound from those who survived and those who are trying to help them, the refugee crisis comes home on a different level than the often gruesome pictures on the national news these days.  It becomes personal and visceral,” said Phil Tuckett, Artistic Director for DOCUTAH, associate professor at Dixie State University and the Director of DSU Films. “This film is an important addition to the conversation about this horrific human crisis.”


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