The DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival Runs September 6 – 10, 2016

The Dixie State University DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival™ presents the short documentary, To Hear, Not Fear. The short film, which will be shown on Sept 6 at 6:00 pm and Sept 10 at 5:05 pm in the Eccles Concert Hall and Sears Gallery respectively, explores the sometimes complicated relationships between fathers and daughters. It delves into some of their unique and challenging communication issues and reveals some of the methods dads use to achieve successful connections with those little girls who arrived to forever change their lives. It features interviews with fathers, daughters and field experts. The Festival runs from September 6 through 10 and more information about all the films can be found on the DOCUTAH Website at

“I remember her being born and holding that little tiny thing. it was a moment of awe. Then we take her home and we look at her and what do we do now!”

“When they were infants and they had colic and when they finally calm down and melt into my shoulder, there is no other physical sensation like that.”

Bennett became interested in father – daughter challenges after raising his two daughters one of whom was going through a particularly difficult drug addiction and recovery. He decided to go back to college, get his graduate degree in Communication and focus on father – daughter relationships.

“There was a point when I realized that as smart as I thought I was, as close to my daughters as I was, I really didn’t understand what was going in the mind of a young woman,” said Bennett. “I was surprised that the field is relatively new and the research slight compared to other fields”

To Hear, Not Fear was Bennett’s first attempt at a documentary though he is a huge fan of the genre working on the side as an award-winning film critic for 16 years.

Bennett added, “I hope this is just a start for me, because working on a documentary, especially a topic about which you care deeply, is uniquely rewarding.

To Hear, Not Fear was accepted for DOCUTAH in the Student Film category and is directed by Bruce R. Bennett, recent Master’s graduate at Southern Utah University.  The film was also selected as a finalist in the Los Angeles CineFest Film Festival.