Zuzi Martin Lynch Answers the Question, How Do Filmmakers Make the Most of a Festival?

 St. George, UT — September 5, 2016 —Cuban-American filmmaker, Zuzi Martin Lynch, whose film, Craving Cuba is in the DSU DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival™, has decided to put her team’s time in St. George to good use. The team will be using drone technology to give an overview of activity at the festival as well as the beautiful location in which it takes place.

“As we started to think about our time in St. George, we wanted to do something beyond just being excited about having our film accepted into this great Festival. Because DOCUTAH takes place on a university campus, it struck us that we had a unique opportunity,” said Lynch. “We could try our hand at using a hot new technology for filmmaking – a drone; we could profile the Festival and the students who have this incredible opportunity to participate not only in filmmaking courses but also to interact with working filmmakers; we could also continue to learn about filmmaking. I am, after-all a first time filmmaker.”

Lynch will be interacting with students as assistants during filming which she feels is important because of the experience which DOCUTAH brings to students and wants to give them this additional opportunity. Another stop, of course, will be the newly acquired DSU Film Studio situated on the grounds of the former St. George airport. DSU College of the Arts recently announced a new Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Film.

“Although our students learn much from the filmmakers who come to DOCUTAH through their interactions before and after the films in the filmmaker chats and post-film Q&As, working with Zuzi and her talented team will give them yet another chance to hone their skills,” said Phil Tuckett, Executive Director of DOCUTAH. “we were delighted at the opportunity not only to give students this chance but also to have a short promotional film made by her for DOCUTAH.”

Docutah tickets may be purchased at the Eccles Box Office during the Festival.