Bound by the Wind

February 26, 2021, 7 P.M.

Hosted by Director David Brown

Q&A after the film  with David Brown and St. George Downwinder Activists Claudia Peterson and Janet Gordon

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 2020 marks 75 years since the first Atomic bombs were used. BOUND BY THE WIND is a portrait of the enormous human costs of the Cold War nuclear arms race as well as the secrecy, negligence and deceit which characterized the superpowers’ nuclear testing programs. The documentary is structured around the dramatic stories of several downwinders from the United States, the former Soviet Union and the South Pacific who have become committed activists in the global movement to achieve a comprehensive ban on nuclear testing. The film also documents some of the major legal fights for justice and compensation over the health damage caused by nuclear testing.


1991 Janet Gordon

Claudia Peterson

Janet Gordon, founder of Citizen Call, downwinder/activist born in Cedar City, currently living in St. George. Citizen Call is an organization for and of people affected by the testing at the Nevada nuclear testing site

Claudia Peterson of St. George, by the age of thirty-fivehad survived cancer and had buried her six-year-old daughter, her sister, her father, and numerous neighbors and friends, all of whom had succumbed to diseases potentially caused by radiation exposure. 

David L. Brown is a three-time Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker who has produced seventeen broadcast documentaries on a variety of topics, from nuclear and environmental issues to elder surfers as models of healthy aging to music, drumming and survivors of traumatic brain injury. His films have aired on PBS and in sixteen countries.


“BOUND BY THE WIND is far and away the best film on the nuclear legacy.  The use of historical clips and survivor interviews is nothing short of brilliant. David L. Brown has a journalist’s clear mind, an artist’s feel, and an historian’s sense of the significance of events.”
– Stan Grossfeld, The Boston Globe

“Powerful and moving; BOUND BY THE WIND explores with visceral force the deleterious effects of nuclear weapons testing on the health of citizens of the United States, the Marshall Islands and the former Soviet Union.The film’s production values are high, with effective use of archival footage,

The cowgirl photo of Janet Gordon on the downwind ranch where her family witnessed nuclear weapons tests and its deadly fallout.

interviews and music; the editing is tight and Dave McQueen’s narration is dramatic.” -–
— David Armstrong, San Francisco Examiner

“BOUND BY THE WIND is much more than an excellent documentary on nuclear testing.  It is a spirited manifesto delivered by citizens around the world who are standing their ground in the places they love, peacefully and forcefully, to bring an end to nuclear testing for all time.”
— Terry Tempest Williams, Salt Lake City naturalist, author of Refuge.

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