This list is now the schedule for the March 1-6, 2021 Festival which was postponed from November 2020. The schedule remains intact Monday through Saturday as it was for November 2020.


CAUTION CODES –A – Adult Themes, D – Drug Use, N – Nudity, P – Profanity, S – Sexual Issues,V – Violence, W- War, M – Medical Procedures

4 Little Girls: Moving Portraits of the Civil Rights Movement

4 Little Girls deepens the audiences’ understanding of the American Civil Rights Movement by using the universal languages of photography, song and dance to depict stories from the era.

World renowned tap dancer, Omar Edwards, returns to DOCUTAH to perform at each screening of this film

Megaplex Pineview 8 Mon 10:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 10 Tue 7:50 PM
Megaplex Pineview 7 Thu 4:10 PM

2018, US
Run time: :25
Director: Kerri Edge, Katherine Fisher, Saiku Branch, Brice D Vick, Eddy Marrero
Producer: Kerri Edge, Nadia Rush

Kerri Edge

Al Imam

Despite controversy and threats, a Muslim woman takes a stand for justice through activism and a progressive practice of Islam.

Megaplex Pineview 10 Tue 11:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Wed 6:30 PM
Megaplex Pineview 7 Thu 1:20 PM

2017, US
Run time: :19
Director: Omar Al Dakheel
Producer: John Palmer, Sara Fenton

Omar Al Dakheel

All the Possibilities…

How do you make a documentary about one of the most important American paintings that no one has ever heard of? All the Possibilities… is a documentary meditation on artist Vernon Pratt’s 1,450 square foot systematic abstraction painting, All The Possibilities Of Filling In Sixteenths (65,536). The painting was completed in 1982, but was recently exhibited for the first time posthumously. With a percussive score composed by Rich Holly, All the Possibilities… immerses viewers in Pratt’s world of systematic abstraction, a symphony in black and white.

Megaplex Pineview 8 Tue 12:30 PM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Wed 6:00 PM
Megaplex Pineview 7 Thu 1:50 PM

2019, US
Run time: :16
Director: Marsha Gordon, Louis Cherry
Producer: Marsha Gordon, Louis Cherry

Marsha Gordon

Animal Calling

An intimate portrait following a recently-graduated veterinarian as she enjoys a rare, relaxing morning in her blissful country home. While Dr. VanRooy quietly prepares for her day, she reflects on the mental health crisis currently impacting the field of animal care revealing the emotional and psychological challenges faced by those dedicating their lives to veterinary medicine. (Animal euthenasia)

Megaplex Pineview 9 Tue 6:20 PM
Megaplex Pineview 10 Wed 4:00 PM
Megaplex Pineview 9 Fri 2:10 PM

2020, Canada
Run time: :06
Director: Candice Dixon
Producer: Olivia Chafe, Samantha Yabut

Candice Dixon

Attention at Tension

The tension of going through a pandemic shifts my attention and creates anxiety within me. As many questions bubble up in my mind, I reflect on what I have been going through by creating a journal entry in the hope of finding answers.

Megaplex Pineview 9 Tue 6:00 PM
Megaplex Pineview 9 Thu 11:50 AM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Fri 10:00 AM

2020, Indonesia
Run time: :09
Director: Azalia Muchransyah
Producer: Azalia Muchransyah

Azalia Muchransyah

Burnt Toast

Galen Paul Dively III lives on a remote mountaintop in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and makes his living selling “novelty toast art”. This documentary follows Galen on a day in the life and explores the evolution of his company Burnt Impressions from the Jesus Toaster to the Selfie Toaster, while he entertains a future beyond the world of toast. (D)

See also Special Event, March 5

Megaplex Pineview 10 Tue 1:40 PM
Megaplex Pineview 7 Wed 8:10 PM
Megaplex Pineview 7 Thu 2:20 PM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Fri 5:20 PM

2019, US
Run time: :17
Director: Timothy Racca Morrish

Timothy Racca Morrish

Dance with Me

Where was I on your wedding day? That was the question I asked my mother when I was a child, and my mother’s usual answer was “you were not yet born”. Dance with Me is a film about acquaintance, marriage and the decision to have a baby. After the death of Abbas Kiarostami, a workshop was held at Karnameh Institute, named “Life and Death”. In the works of Master Kiarostami, his students made a decision to produce a film which he named “Life and Death”. This is the film. (A)

Megaplex Pineview 7 Mon 12:50 PM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Wed 12:30 PM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Thu 9:30 PM
Megaplex Pineview 10 Fri 10:00 AM

2019, Iran
Run time: :28
Director: Hamidreza Hosseinian
Producer: amidreza Hosseinian
Trailer: TBA

Hamidreza Hosseinian

Desert Mourning

This film takes a deep, personal dive into the ongoing conflict over the Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument in Southern Utah. Learn how the Monument’s 2017 reduction has affected the lives of three people who live on the monument’s edge: Harlan Featherhat, a Paiute man who helped determine the monument’s original boundaries in 1996; Lonnie Pollock, a Mormon rancher and retired schoolteacher; and Megan Smith, a former backcountry ranger on the monument and advocate for public lands. When landscapes and economies change around us, whose values do we prioritize, and who gets left behind?

The filmmaker will be joined by Glenn Rogers, Chairman, Shivwits Band of Paiutes, Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah

There will be a short musical performance after this film by a Paiute Princess Emma Nava, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and Valerie King, regent for the Color Country Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and local organizer of “Wreaths Across America” ceremonies in Southern Utah to honor all veterans at participating locations which includes Shivwits Band of Paiute Cemetery.

Megaplex Pineview 10 Tue 11:30 AM
Megaplex Pineview 7 Wed 6:00 PM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Thu 1:20 PM

2020, US
Run time: :19
Director: Henry Kinder
Producer: Albert Tholen, Marsha Holland

Henry Kinder

Fighting for Survivors

The story of the 2018 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and how a group of determined and brave people under the direction of the UN fought political violence, disinformation and a deadly infection to save a nation.

Megaplex Pineview 8 Mon 2:30 PM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Tue 11:40 AM
Megaplex Pineview 9 Thu 6:00 PM

2019, US
Run time: :35
Director: Melonie Kastman
Producer: Melonie Kastman, Igor Kovalik, Pamela Griner

Igor Kovalik

Forever Voters

Why do only 36% of 18-25 year olds vote? Many high school seniors are eligible to vote and have very strong opinions about what needs to change, but they don’t really know much about the voting process or how to register. The league of Women Voters is stepping in to educate high schoolers to prepare them for voting, because they know that people who vote early, vote forever.

Megaplex Pineview 8 Tue 8:10 PM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Wed 10:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 9 Thu 12:10 PM

2019, US
Run time: :07
Director: Sky Bergman
Producer: Sky Bergman

Sky Bergman

Fowl Claims

For years, prospectors staked their claims with hollow pipes, which inadvertently became bird traps. Thousands of pipes are scattered across Nevada’s landscape. Jim Boone’s mission is to save birds from dying in these claim markers.

Megaplex Pineview 8 Tue 6:00 PM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Wed 10:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 9 Thu 2:20 PM

2020, US
Run time: :12
Director: Fred Bell
Producer: Fred Bell

Fred Bell
(702) 526-6116

Greenlander, A

A Greenlander follows Pierre Auzias (66) a French Painter fully integrated in Uummaanaq, a settlement 450 miles north of the arctic circle in Greenland. Pierre speaks Greenlandic, travels by dog sled and teaches art therapy to neglected children. After 14 years in Greenland, Pierre’s partner retires from her position as the town Doctor and returns to France. Pierre spends an agonizing 9 months in limbo, waiting to find out if the Danish Authorities will grant him citizenship. (Animal Cruelty/hunting, p)

Megaplex Pineview 9 Mon 10:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Tue 2:20 PM
Megaplex Pineview 10 Wed 9:00 PM

2020, F-United Kingdom
Run time: :37
Director: Nicholas Jones
Producer: Nicholas Jones
Trailer: TBA

Nicholas Jones

In the Same Direction: Jeff Pifher & Socrates’ Trial

From the inception of a musical idea, through the recording process and live performance, this short documentary tells the story of Jeff Pifher and his band Socrates’ Trial and their idea of what jazz can be today.

Megaplex Pineview 10 Tue 10:30 AM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Wed 9:30 PM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Thu 4:00 PM

2020, US
Run time: :17
Director: Alexander Craven
Producer: Jeff Pifher, Merlin Showalter

Jeff Pifher


Noa’s prayers are full of questions. In an attempt to make her peace with some of them, Noa befriends two young women, a Christian and a Moslem, who are also Jerusalem residents. Together the three explore the challenges and reservations they have about their respective religions, but the best intentions in the world cannot paper over the chasm of differences that exist between them. The film itself becomes a prayer.

Megaplex Pineview 7 Mon 10:40 AM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Tue 11:20 AM
Megaplex Pineview 10 Wed 8:20 PM

2019, Israel
Run time: :27
Director: Noa Anikster Oren
Producer: Noa Anikster Oren

Katie Green

Keeper of the Fire

Keeper of the Fire explores the life and work of activist poet Alejandro Murguia, a writer passionately involved with the struggles of his times. Following in the footsteps of the Beat poets and inspired by the rich tradition of Latin American literature, Murguia fights for social justice with his words and his deeds. One of the celebrated Mission Poets, he has championed revolutions in Latin America, led cultural and educational programs in San Francisco and campaigned against rampant gentrification nationwide all while winning two American Book Awards and becoming the first Latino to serve as Poet Laureate of San Francisco.

Megaplex Pineview 7 Mon 10:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 10 Wed 7:40 PM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Thu 11:40 AM

2020, US
Run time: :33
Directors: David L. Brown, Louis Dematteis
Producer: David L. Brown, Louis Dematteis, Raymond Telles

David Brown

Liberation Heroes: The Last Eyewitnesses

Heroic World War II veterans vividly share their liberation journeys, drawing parallels between the past and present. These powerful eyewitness accounts from Steven Spielberg’s USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive®, share a cautionary tale and compelling reminder of what can happen when insidious hatred remains unchecked. (A, N, V, W)

Megaplex Pineview 8 Mon 12:10 PM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Tue 4:00 PM
Megaplex Pineview 9 Fri 4:10 PM

2019, US
Run time: :41
Director: Vanessa Roth
Producer: Andy Friendly, June Beallor

June Beallor

Little Patch of Earth, A

As the focus of early childhood education in America becomes more centered around academic achievement, Sally Swiatek is trying to preserve the one thing that allows children to develop holistically: play.

Megaplex Pineview 6 Mon 10:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 7 Tue 2:50 PM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Wed 8:40 PM

2020, US
Run time: :17
Director: Celine Francois
Producer: Celine Francois

Celine Francois


The ancient tradition of preparing Mochi to celebrate the Japanese New Year goes back centuries. Join one close-knit intergenerational community in the ceremonial pounding of the cooked rice, the forming of the warm Mochi cakes, and, of course, eating the yummy results!! Elders and kids alike reflect on what Mochi means to them, leaving not a cheek untouched by rice flour.

See also Special Event March 3

Megaplex Pineview 7 Tue 11:20 AM
Megaplex Pineview 7 Fri 10:20 AM

2019, US
Run time: 4:49
Director: Sky Bergman
Producer: Sky Bergman


Sky Bergman

Rosa Porto Beyond the Box

A Cuban immigrant family creates a beloved foodie destination in their new home of Los Angeles, California.

Megaplex Pineview 10 Tue 6:00 PM
Megaplex Pineview 10 Wed 10:30 AM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Thu 3:30 PM

2019, US
Run time: :22
Director: Tabatha Laanui
Producer: Tabatha Laanui, Hana Kawabata
Trailer: TBA

Tabatha Laanui

Simple Things

When Maya, who was raised on a secular kibbutz, decided to become ultra-Orthodox, she couldn’t have imagined how complicated it would be to search for a life partner. Dating might be a “simple” matter in the Western world, but in the world that Maya has embraced, dates are only with men you have never met, and they are arranged by a matchmaker. Maya is a doula who has helped women bring their babies into the world over one hundred times. But going on over one hundred arranged dates in nine years has not brought her any closer to love, marriage, and having a family of her own. (S)

Megaplex Pineview 6 Mon 2:30 PM
Megaplex Pineview 9 Wed 9:20 PM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Thu 2:00 PM

2019, Israel
Run time: :31
Director: Liel Sharon Gur
Producer: Liel Sharon Gur

Katie Green

Take Me To Prom

Featuring the high school prom stories of queer people aged 17 to 88, Take Me To Prom captures 70 years of LGBTQ social progress through this adolescent milestone. (A, D, P, S)

See also Special Event March 5

Megaplex Pineview 10 Tue 10:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 10 Wed 10:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Fri 6:00 PM

2019, Canada
Run time: :20
Director: Andrew Moir
Producer: Andrew Moir
Trailer: trailer

Andrew Moir

Trial By Fire

During the devastating Thomas Wildfire, inmate firefighters relish the opportunity to emerge from their restraints and find serenity and a sense of purpose through the work that they devote their lives to.

Megaplex Pineview 7 Tue 6:00 PM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Wed 4:20 PM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Fri 2:00 PM

2018, US
Run time: :14
Director: Alex Astrella
Producer: Carissa Moore
Trailer: TBA

Alex Astrella

Vasectomy Doctor, The

Dr. Andrew Rynne was the first doctor to perform vasectomies in Ireland and has performed over 35,000. This is a distinction that did not come without controversy in the extremely Catholic Ireland of the 1970s and ‘80s, but Dr. Rynne persevered in the face of opposition from the church. In the ‘80s, he challenged the restrictive laws on contraceptives by selling condoms without a prescription. He got his day in court and forced the government to change policy. In 1990, Dr. Rynne was about to perform a vasectomy, when a gunman entered his surgery and shot him. After surviving the attempt on his life, he would later meet with his assailant and forgive him. (S)

Megaplex Pineview 7 Tue 8:10 PM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Wed 12:10 PM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Fri 11:50 AM

2018, Ireland
Run time: :11
Director: Paul Webster
Producer: Ronan Cassidy

Carbonated Comet

Veterans Journey Home: Kalani’s Story

This is the first in a series of short documentaries telling a different story of soldiers returning from war. American veterans struggle to transition back to civilian life with PTSD, addiction, and suicide rates much higher than the general population. The film focuses on these new brands of American bravery: bravery to face anguish and loss, fear and rage, paralyzing self-doubt, shame, and even self-hatred. The series highlights the best people, practices, and programs doing the work necessary to support vets in this healing. (P, V, W)

Megaplex Pineview 6 Mon 12:10 PM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Wed 9:10 PM
Megaplex Pineview 6 Thu 4:20 PM

2020, US
Run time: :40
Director: Frederick Marx
Producer: Frederick Marx

Frederick Marx

War Inside Me, The

A short documentary that follows one refugee on her search to find her missing family members while taking a journey through her troubled past.

Megaplex Pineview 9 Tue 10:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 10 Wed 4:20 PM
Megaplex Pineview 8 Fri 1:40 PM

2019, US
Run time: 23:16
Director: Stephanie Neumen
Producer: Stephanie Neumen

Stephanie Neumen

We Eat Socca Here

On the sun-soaked Côte d’Azur, a local food specialty reigns. Socca is just four simple ingredients: chickpea flour, water, salt, and olive oil. But what it lacks in complexity, it makes up for in rusticity, history, cultural significance, and, most importantly, an incomparable crispy, fluffy, and delicious flavor. How Nice!

See also Special Event, March 3

Megaplex Pineview 8 Tue 10:00 AM
Megaplex Pineview 7 Fri 10:00 AM

2019, US
Run time: :09
Director: Scott Petersen
Producer: Scott Petersen

Scott Petersen
(818) 642-6301