At this very special celebration, join the community in a salute to those who serve on the front lines of law enforcement and the military. The evening kicks off with a screening of “Connection in Crisis,” which depicts the invaluable role played by psychological first aid trauma dogs. You’ll meet Spartacus, the 150-lb. canine who – along with his trainer Brad Cole – journeyed to Las Vegas to help firefighters and paramedics struggling to cope with the horrors they witnessed after the shooting outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel last year. Next, in “When the Smoke Clears,” you’ll glimpse the often harsh realities faced by members of the military transitioning from active-duty service to civilian life – and have the chance to learn about Veterans Expedition, a non-profit organization that is the cornerstone for many vets as they leave the military. Capping the evening will be in-person appearances by the filmmakers, police K-9 unit members, first responders and others who offered aid after the Las Vegas massacre, service dogs and their trainers, active-duty members of the military and veterans, and many other heroes. Come and show your patriotism, your respect for those in uniform, and for those who bravely face danger to ensure the safety of others.

Director: Dennis Zaidi
Producer: Krista Discola

Director: Nevin Fowler
Producers: Nevin Fowler, Kyle Perry

7:00 PM Eccles Main Stage