All Films screen at the Megaplex Pineview 10 Theaters,
2376 Red Cliffs Dr, St. George, UT
Tickets are $10 per ticket per film

 Tickets available online or at the door with space available.

Friday, October 29, 2021 – Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone
In advance of the Festival, we reprise one of our most popular films ever. A story about music, history, fear, courage and funking. A blistering combination of punk and funk Fishbone demolished the walls of genre, challenged the racial stereotypes and political order of the music industry and the nation. At the heart of the film’s story is lead singer Angelo Moore and bassist Norwood Fisher who show how they keep the band rolling out of pride, desperation and love for their art.
From the shifting faultlines of Hollywood fantasies and the economic and racial tensions of Reagan’s America, Fishbone rose to become one of the most original bands of the last 25 years. EVERYDAY SUNSHINE traces the band’s history, influence, and struggle as individualistic, genre-blending artists up against an unforgiving music industry that threatens to pass them by. Telling it like it is, the iconic Laurence Fishburne narrates Everyday Sunshine.
Directors: Lev Anderson, Chris Metzler
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