2021 DOCTalks

FREE TO THE PUBLIC Monday through Thursday at 4 p.m. at the PINEVIEW THEATERS

If you ever wanted to sit down with a filmmaker or director to hear the inside story of their film, now is your chance. DOCTalks bring together these accomplished artists in an intimate setting, allowing you to hear their thoughts on the joys, pitfalls, struggles and successes when tackling documentary filmmaking.

Attendees also have a chance to ask questions and get advice on the business of filmmaking from those who have been there, done that. Don’t miss this golden opportunity, whether you are a budding filmmaker or just a fan of the genre, to get up close and personal with filmmakers and directors. All DOCtalks are free and open to the public.

DOCTalks are moderated by Patrick William Smith (M.F.A., U.T. Austin), Program Director, DSU Digital Film Program –  – Patrick is an Assistant Professor and the Director of DSU’s Digital Film Program. He works concurrently as a commercial and narrative director/cinematographer – represented out of Los Angeles.

Traumas, taboos, and touchy subjects – explore how DOCUTAH’s boldest filmmakers navigate sensitive subject areas and judiciously delve into the raw past experiences of their subjects, as we investigate the pitfalls, lessons, and unique strategies employed to elicit truth.

Some documentarians explore stories after they’ve concluded – others explore the drama as it unfolds in real time. Find out how these investigative storytellers follow leads, unravel hidden layers, and track down the answers to their stories’ most intriguing questions.

Language, culture, nationality, ethnicity – all potential barriers between filmmaker and subject. Find out how these adventurous documentarians adapt, overcome, and react to their foreign surroundings while producing powerful pieces that transcend culture.

Can documentarians truly be “flies on the wall?” Or are they invariably destined to influence their stories and develop personal connections with their subjects? Can documentarians be impartial? Learn how these filmmakers toed the line between friend and filmmaker.

Gentrification, the destruction of natural lands, waning cultures being systematically erased  – many of this year’s films explore various cultural and environmental losses, highlighting the unique role that documentaries play in helping preserve our most important treasures. Learn how these filmmakers balanced activism with objectivism to create awareness.