The 2020 Festival is on track for November 2020

Watch this space for continuing updates about the 2020 Festival

DOCTalks will be announced here.

While you wait, don’t forget to check out DOCUTAH’S High Desert Chronicles streaming free.

If you ever wanted to sit down with a filmmaker or director to hear the inside story of their film, now is your chance. DOCtalks bring together these accomplished artists in an intimate setting, allowing you to hear their thoughts on the joys, pitfalls, struggles and successes when tackling documentary filmmaking.

Attendees also have a chance to ask questions and get advice on the business of filmmaking from those who have been there, done that. Don’t miss this golden opportunity, whether you are a budding filmmaker or just a fan of the genre, to get up close and personal with filmmakers and directors. All DOCtalks are free and open to the public.