DOCUTAH has simplified the way you purchase tickets for the Festival.  Tickets are available online and at the box office before and during the Festival. During the Festival tickets may also be purchased at the Red Cliffs Theaters

Each day is divided into blocks of time, during which attendees may see several short films or one feature film, as listed in the Festival Schedule. There are several opportunities throughout the Festival to attend free screenings as well.


Whatever time a film or group of films starts is a block.  For example, If a film or group starts at 11:20 you might see one feature, 2 shorter features or a group of shorts – whatever is listed under that time period. Each time you see a time, that is the start of a block and you will see whatever film(s) are listed under that time. Because each film is shown twice, Pass holders have the opportunity to see more films than they would if each film constituted a single admission.  Your pass is not limited to any specific block or day.  It is only limited by the number of film blocks you have purchased.

This year, Festival awards will be announced at Noon on September 8th, giving all pass holders the opportunity to attend free screenings that afternoon of those films, which have won awards.

DOCUTAH has also added new venues for screenings.  The main screening venues are the Red Cliffs Theaters at the Mall in St. George.  Other venues will be the Main Stage at the Eccles Fine Arts Center and the Electric Theater.


Festival Pass Pricing – September 4 through 8, 2018

Gold Pass, any 15 films blocks, $90 per pass  BEST VALUE!

This pass allows attendees the widest access to Festival screenings and includes:

  • Free Saturday afternoon screenings of award winning films

White Pass – any 10 film blocks, $65.00 per pass

This pass includes:

  • Free Saturday afternoon screenings of award winning films

Red Pass   – Any 5 film blocks $35.00 per pass

This pass includes:

  • Free Saturday afternoon screenings of award winning films

SINGLE BLOCK TICKETS – If there is a just a specific film included in a block or a block of films you wish to see, $10 tickets are available on the ticketing site or may be purchased at the box office(s). Although this is not the most cost effective method of attending the film, we realize at times attendees are only available for or wish to only see a specific film. 

Opening Gala – Evening Reception at Cappeletti’s and screening of Dreams of the Black Echo

6:00 Cappeletti’s Reception

7:00 Film Screening, The Electric Theater

$50 per ticket



Central Campus Ticket Office – Cox Performing Arts Center, 350 South 700 East, St. George, UT

Box Office website: 

TICKET OFFICE PHONE: (435) 652-7800

Ticket Office Hours

Regular Hours (Mid September through April) 10 am to 5 pm – Monday through Friday

Summer Hours (May through Mid September) 10 am to 2 pm – Monday through Friday