DOCtalk takes place September 5th through 8th at 3 P.M. in The Sears Gallery in the Dolores Doré Eccles Fine Arts Center

If you ever wanted to sit down with a filmmaker or director to hear the inside story of their film, now is your chance. DOCtalks bring together these accomplished artists in an intimate setting, allowing you to hear their thoughts on the joys, pitfalls, struggles and successes when tackling documentary filmmaking.

Attendees also have a chance to ask questions and get advice on the business of filmmaking from those who have been there, done that. Don’t miss this golden opportunity, whether you are a budding filmmaker or just a fan of the genre, to get up close and personal with filmmakers and directors. All DOCtalks are free and open to the public.

Sept. 5  (Tuesday)            Stick to the Subject –  How to find the right subject for your documentary and then make sure your subject is covered in a compelling, concise way that does it justice.

Karen Shopsowitz            Other Side of the Hero

Jennifer Townsend         Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise

Jack Newell                        42 Grams

Brad Bennett                     Forgive Don’t Forget

Sept. 6  (Wednesday)    Show Me the Money – How to find funding sources for your doc while maintaining as much artistic autonomy as possible while living within a budget you know is too small.

Scott Peterson                  Hitchhiking to the Edge of Sanity

Julia Creet                           Data Mining the Deceased

Brian Leitten                      Expedition Alaska

Evgney A.                            Cries from Syria

Hugo Sindelar                    Voices of Fire

Sept. 7 (Thursday)          It Takes a Village- How to find and build your collaborative team, how to assign roles, maximize everyone’s strengths and keep everyone happy until the project is completed.

Robert Phillipson              Body and Soul: An American Bridge

Sky Bergman                      Lives Well Lived

Brad Bennett                     Forgive Don’t Forget

Gayle Nosal                        Sauti

Brian Leitten                      Expedition Alaska

Sept. 8  (Friday)              Getting the Word Out – If you make a documentary and no one is around to see it, has it made a difference? Now that your doc is done, how to market and publicize it.

Tal Skloot                             4 Wheel Bob

David Gary                          Deaners

Daniel Nelson                    Posture

Dan Parris                            Show Me Democracy

Loki Mulholland                The Uncomfortable Truth

Qinzi Fan                              One Way Home

Skye Borgman                   Forever B

Jenny Mackenzie             Dying in Vein – The Opiate Generation