Christina Schultz, Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of DOCUTAH

Christina is currently Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Dixie State University (DSU) where she oversees a division, which includes: 1) Public Relations 2) Marketing 3) Publications 4) Cultural Arts and 5) Special Events and Projects

Christina started her career in the film industry at the age of 19 when she formed her own film production company. Upon graduation from the University of Southern California she worked in the “industry” before realizing that her true passion was in higher education helping others, especially young people achieve their dreams.

Christina served as Executive Producer on a DSU/CEBA documentary entitled, Return to Little Hollywood, which features the movie-making heritage of Kanab and Kane County and is being used as a tool to bring productions back to Southern Utah.

Lani Puriri, DOCUTAH Operations Manager
 Lani Puriri, DOCUTAH Operations Manager and DSU Cultural Arts Community Outreach

Lani currently works as the Operations Manager for DOCUTAH. Growing up in a household where progressive learning was encouraged gave Lani the opportunity to explore beyond her boundaries. A love for all culture was instilled from a very young age and passion for a global connection was the result. Lani is galvanized by the opportunity to be directly connected to the world through DOCUTAH and its international films.

Lani is a graduate of Dixie State University where she studied communication with an emphasis in organization and leadership. For the past ten years Lani has worked in the broadcast media industry as a Public Relations Marketing Manager. She believes that there is strength in connecting to the community she calls home. Lani is a member of the Red Rock Rotary Club, a graduate of Leadership Dixie 2010, a past Board Member for the Washington County School District Foundation and the Washington County Fair. She also served as the Committee Chairperson for the Huntsman World Senior Games International Festival.

Artistic Director

Phil is an associate professor at Dixie State University and the director of the Center for Media Innovation, the DSU media center. He is also the director of the digital film track in the communication department.

Prior to coming back to his alma mater to teach, Phil was vice president of special projects at NFL Films for 21 years. He was also a producer, director, and writer for NFL Films (1969 to 1986) and a journalist and professional athlete (1967 to 1969). Phil is the recipient of 30 Emmy Awards for shows like “Football America,” “The 100 Yard Universe,” “Autumn Ritual,” and “Lost Treasures of NFL Films.” He has also produced non-sports related programming like “Blood from a Stone” for the History Channel, “Faces of Evil” for TNT, and music videos for a wide variety of artists including B.B. King, Santana, Def Leppard, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Phil and his wife Judy also have their own production company, Bristlecone Films.

DOCUTAH Committee 2014

Standing left to right – Alisha Rossell, Braden Tobler, Jodi Simkins, Jeanine Nay, Melynda Thrope, Maria Bretell, Shannan Arslanian, Heather Cox, Kathy Williamson, Judy Tuckett, Christy Christiansen, Brian Christiansen, Susan Erickson, Gerri Chasko, Ken Cook, Josh Bodell, Shazad Sheikh

Siting left to right – Stevie Vogel, Nancy Head, Deward Wilson, Lani Puriri, Phil Tuckett, Christina Schultz, Mark Houser, John Burns, Shadman Bashir


DOCUTAH film festival 2014 commitee