jarvis-profleJeffery Jarvis – Executive Producer

Jeffery is Dean of the School of Visual & Performing Arts at Dixie State University. Previously, he served as Chair of the Music Department at the University of Central Arkansas and Associate Professor of Music for nine years. Under his leadership, the UCA Music Department commissioned and premiered an original opera by Lori Laitman based on The Scarlet Letter, developed a strong relationship with music programs in China and Taiwan, and sent student ensembles to Italy, France, Austria, and China. During his tenure in Arkansas, he also served as President of the Arkansas Association of Schools of Music.

Prior to his work in Arkansas, he with the School of Music faculty at East Carolina University where he taught tuba and euphonium while chairing the Department of Instrumental Studies and serving as Managing Director of the North Carolina Suzuki Institute. He has performed extensively with the North Carolina Symphony as well as performing concertos and recitals throughout the southeast and mid-west.

Jeffery holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music from Baylor University and the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Michigan State University.

Phil Tuckett – Executive Director of DOCUTAH

Phil Tuckett is an assistant professor at Dixie State University and the head of DSU Films. He is also the director of the digital film track in the communication department.

Prior to coming back to his alma mater to teach, Phil was vice president of special projects at NFL Films for 21 years. He was also a producer, director, and writer for NFL Films (1969 to 1986) and a journalist and professional athlete (1967 to 1969). Phil is the recipient of 30 Emmy Awards for shows like “Football America,” “The 100 Yard Universe,” “Autumn Ritual,” and “Lost Treasures of NFL Films.”

He has also produced non-sports related programming like “Blood from a Stone” for the History Channel, “Faces of Evil” for TNT, and music videos for a wide variety of artists including B.B. King, Santana, Def Leppard, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Phil and his wife Judy also have their own production company, Bristlecone Films.

DOCUTAH Committee 2015

Executive Committee
Jeff Jarvis Executive Producer
Phil Tuckett Executive Director
Karman Wilson Production Director
Ken Cook Filmmaker Relations
Della Lowe PR Consultant
Elise West Hospitality / Concierge
2016 DOCUTAH Team
Bruce Bennett Artistic Director
Christina Merrill Budget Director
Deward Wilson Technical Director
Jeanine Nay Budget Analysis
Jodi Simpkins Ticketing Coordinator
John Burns Library Liaison
Josh Bodell Graphic Design
Kristin Hunt Filmmakmer Chats (Seminars)
Michael Garcia Ticketing Director
David Cordero Social Media Specialist
Shadman Bashir SAARC Outreach
Shazad Sheikh SAARC Outreach
Susan Taysom Production Assistant
Kyle Kurtzeborn Multi Media Specialist
Craig Engel Technical Support
Bill Brown Technical Support
Alisha Rossell Mesquite Best of the Fest
Beth Meyers Wash County Library Liasion
Brian Christiansen Digital Savant / Best Boy
Christy Christiansen Volunteer Coordinator
Forrest Christiansen Volunteer Assistant
Bailee Christiansen Seminars Assistant
Dian Robinson Canyon Media Rep
Dick Kohler Film Archivist
Gerri Chasko Eureka Initiatives / Best of Fest
James English Cherry Creek Rep
Judy Tuckett Submissions Director
Nancy Head WCSD Liaison
Shanan Arslanian Submissions Coordinator
Susan Erickson Screening Coordinator
Susi Lafaele St George Chamber Liaison
Tracey Welsh SGLTA Liaison