If you ever wanted to sit down with a filmmaker or director to hear the inside story of their film, now is your chance. DOCUTAH Filmmaker Chats bring together these accomplished artists in an intimate setting, allowing you to hear their thoughts on the joys, pitfalls, struggles and successes when tackling documentary filmmaking. You will also have a chance to ask your questions and get advice on the business of filmmaking from those who have been there, done that. Don’t miss this golden opportunity, whether you are a budding filmmaker or just a fan of the genre, to get up close and personal with filmmakers and directors. All Chats are free and open to the public.

Tuesday Chats

Telling the Story (Noon)
Tell the one you wanted or the one you found?

What’s Up Doc? (1PM)
Why a documentary film instead of a scripted feature?

Leaving it on the edit room floor (2PM)
Understanding letting go.


Wednesday Chats

Narration or not (Noon)
Telling your story with the voice of God or with your characters.

The Art of the Interview (1PM)
Gaining trust, being honest.

Technology (2PM)
Where we are; where we are headed


Thursday Chats

Give It to Me Straight (Noon)
What advice would you give to a 1 st time documentary filmmaker

Show Me the Money (1PM)
How do you get it? What influence do investors have??

Expert Panel on Sports Related CTE Research (2PM)
The Director of ‘Unforgotten: The Story of Paul Pender’, has assembled a panel of athletes and experts to discuss the increasing incidence of CTE on boxers and other athletes, and the research being done to address this issue.


Friday Chats

Hollywood for Real (Noon)
Feature film production techniques applied to documentary film

Art or Advocacy (1PM)
Where creativity and commerce meet

What’s Next? (2PM)
Where do you go after the Festival Circuit. Handling sales and distribution.