DSU DOCUTAHInternational Documentary Film Festival is a pure documentary focused film festival presented by Dixie State University in St. George, Utah. The 2016 Festival is its seventh season. Phil Tuckett, Executive Director of DOCUTAH and Director of the DSU Film Program, planted the seed of DOCUTAH in 2009. A small group of individuals went to work to create the inaugural event in September of 2010. Since then more than 1,400 films have been submitted from 70 plus countries and 36 U. S. states.

Filmmakers, and often their subjects, attend the Festival to introduce their films and hold riveting Q & A sessions after the screenings. These talented professionals also participate in DOCUTAH Filmmaker Chats – conversations in an intimate setting, where audience members can glean insights into many topics which go into filmmaking and the business of film.

Academic Component — Dixie State University College of the Arts will begin offering a new Bachelor of Science degree in digital film. Previously, students enrolled in the film program received their degree in communications with a specified emphasis. The University has acquired the 14,000 square foot former airplane hangar at the Ridge Top Complex in St. George, which will be utilized as a film studio. Because DOCUTAH is located on the campus of Dixie State University, it offers students an enhanced education and easy access to the Festival.

Location — St. George is located in the Southwest corner of Utah amid the magnificent red rocks and lava flows of this region. The close proximity to six state and national parks provides DOCUTAH attendees with exciting vistas and opportunities for recreation. DOCUTAH plans special events for DSU students, festival attendees and the surrounding community and beyond. DOCUTAH isn’t just a film festival…it’s a five-day PARTY and every event is one not to be missed.

Events and Films — Each year, the films submitted seem to surpass the previous year and each year the quality is astonishing. It takes real passion to venture into the art of documentary, which is often a lonely pursuit in a world filled with commercialized studio films. That passion certainly shines through every year. The variety of subjects brings audiences to places they have never known and allows them to experience a wide range of emotions from tears to laughter to inspiration to astonishment.

Raven Award — The Raven is a mystical bird, revered in many cultures and with a multitude of characteristics attributed to it. Sometimes a god, sometimes a devil, always mysterious, this remarkable bird is known for its intelligence, strength and endless curiosity. Prescient, sharing, strong - many characteristics of the raven mimic the breadth of human experience. Throughout the world and over millennia, the mythology of the raven grew in disparate cultures.

Ravens watch everything and everyone and through that observation have learned how to thrive in all manner of environments and climates. Like the documentarian that chronicles and observes then enlightens us about ourselves through stories. Ravens are found throughout the world, thus representing the international scope of DOCUTAH.

Our MissionDOCUTAH celebrates the art of documentary filmmaking, connecting Dixie State University and our community to the world. DOCUTAH offers a unique, entertaining International Documentary Film Festival and year-round programs providing creative, cultural, and educational engagement.

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