The Great American Cowboy

July 29, The Electric Theater, St. George

2016 DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival

St. George, Utah - September 6-10, 2016

Dixie State University welcomes you to the 2016 DOCUTAH International Film Festival, where you will find inspiring and entertaining documentaries shown among the magnificent red cliffs of Southern Utah. Independent documentary films inspire audiences by providing a global connection to the universal human experience. DOCUTAH brings together independent filmmakers, aspiring film students, citizens of the world and the Southern Utah community in an educational setting on the campus of Dixie State University. Join us for the 2016 DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival.

DOCUTAH 2016 Film Submissions are now Closed



Judges Panel:

Bruce Bennett, Ric Esther Bienstock, Douglas Wellman, Adam Mast

Feature Films:

Best Picture: “Once Upon a Crime: The Borrelli-Davis Conspiracy”
Nominees: #Chicago Girl – The Social Network Takes on a Dictator,” Prophet’s Prey”

Best Direction: “Prophet’s Prey”
Nominees: “Once Upon a Crime: The Borrelli-Davis Conspiracy,” “#Chicago Girl – The Social Network Takes on a Dictator”

Best Editing: “Once Upon a Crime: The Borelli-Davis Conspiracy”
Nominees: “Frame By Frame,” “Flying the Feathered Edge”

Best Cinematography: “Out of Nothing”
Nominees: “The Roots Remain,” “Frame By Frame”

Best Music: “Prophet’s Prey”
Nominees: “Out of Nothing,” “Once Upon A Crime: The Borrelli-Davis Conspiracy”

Audience Favorite: “Coming Out”


Best Picture: “Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot”
Nominees: “Pie Lady of Pie Town,” “The House is Innocent”

Best Direction: “Coaching Colburn”
Nominees: “Riding My Way Back,” “In The Hollow”

Best Editing: “Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot”
Nominees: “Riding My Way Back,””The House is Innocent”

Best Cinematography: “Riding My Way Back”
Nominees: “Here’s That Second Chance You Hoped For,” “Our Canyonlands”

Best Music: “Pie Lady of Pie Town”
Nominees: “Nefertiti’s Daughters,” “Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot”

Student Films:

Best Picture: “Fitting the Description in North Portland”
Nominees: (3) “Tour of Honor,” “Alzheimer’s: A Love Story,” “Picking Up the Pieces”

Helen F. Whitney Vanguard Award:

#Chicago Girl: The Social Network Takes On a Dictator


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